About Esquirol FarmsEsquirol Farms Mare & Foal

Esquirol Farms, owned and operated by Pierre Esquirol, is one of Western Canadas most successful thoroughbred breeding facilities.  With over 27 years of bloodline research, Pierres' extensive knowledge on breeding practices, coupled with superior equine care and handling, has provided an incredible, almost unheard of (in thoroughbred race horses), 85% in foal success rate!

Breeding and foaling season is our most exciting and rewarding time of the year - we get to see the new crop of beautiful babies sired by our thoroughbred stallions!


We use a teaser stallion in the springtime to help promote estrous.  Once estrous is determined, a pre-breeding examination is preformed, and mares are then hand bred to the selected stallion based on those results.   We work directly with Delaney Vet Services who are on call and provide all our equine reproductive and care requirements.


At foaling time, mares are brought into the barn, equipped with foaling alarms and put under 24hr video surveilance.  We are there, hands on to assist mares as required.   When foals are up and nursing we move them to a large stall in our Long Barn to monitor the babies progress.  When the babies are strong enough, mare and foal are turned out into private paddocks. 

Sales Preparation

At Esquirol Farms we prep an average of 25  thoroughbred yealings for sale each year.  We sell both our own farm bred and raised babies as well as consign horses as agents for outside owners. 

** Currently we have yearlings available for private purchase.

To prep our sale horses (including consigned horses), we analyze each individuals care and feeding requirements.  We have a specially formulated feed program which enables each horse develop to its full potential, both physically and mentally .  Each morning, sale horses are brought into the barn.  They are well groomed, walked in-hand and lunged.  Early evening they are let out to stretch in their 50 Acre pasture.  With our individual attention and a tailored training program, at sale time, we present unparalleled thoroughbred horses who are well mannered and easy to work.

** The thoroughbred sales that Esquirol Farms focuses on are: Fall Sale conducted on September 17th, 2017 at Edmonton Northlands and  Keenland Sale in Kentucky, held in September.


Additional Services

We can foal out your mares.  If you are worried about your mare, inexperienced or not going to be home when your mare is due, we can help.  Our foaling rates are dependant on how long your mare shows signs, waxing, etc and how many nights she is in a foaling stall under monitors before foaling.
An average of $400.00 plus daily board rates are standard.  (**Please note - we only foal out mares who are being bred back to a stallion standing at Esquirol Farms.)

Our Daily board rates for mares are $17.00/day dry   $20.00 Wet (with foal)

Note:   Board prices may vary with increase in feed prices.

Note:  We have an upcharge of $2.00/Day for Cribbing mares.